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Bionaire Dehumidifier

Reasons Why You Should Give Preference To The Bionaire Dehumidifier

Bionaire humidifier – Do you buy it for health reasons? You won’t allow the annoying molds, spores, mildews, bacteria and dust mites thriving in your basement, rooms, toilet and kitchen. Aside from the nasty smell emitted by dampness, the allergens of the molds and spores, etc. are hazards to the house occupants’ health and breathing system. Bionaire dehumidifier has come up with models you would be happy to own and would gladly endorse to your friends and associates.

With Bionaire, you are sure to enjoy “pure indoor living” (the company tag line) – pure and hazard-free. The products of this company are high in quality, advanced in technology and innovative in designs. The company has never ceased in researching along these areas to give every consumer the satisfaction worth the money they invest on any Bionaire-brand unit. Most of the products are used indoor so the aim is to create an ideal healthy inside environment. And one of the indoor equipment highly needed to ensure quality  is the dehumidifier.

Basic features of a dehumidifier

  1. Refrigerant used in the unit is not harmful to the earth’s ozone layer.
  2. The model is accurate for the room size.
  3. Has automatic shut off.
  4. Has built in filters.

Additional features

  1. The unit is thermo-electric – not using compressors to run the device.
  2. Use of peltier device for quiet operation and less energy consumption.
  3. Has humidity thermostat to measure the moisture.
  4. Has indicator for full reservoir.
  5. Design should aesthetically conform to the room.

Bionaire Dehumidifier Models

  1. Bionaire® BDQ25 50 Pint Dehumidifier:  This model is capable of removing 50 pints of moisture every day. It has a feature that alerts you when the tank is full so you can empty it. It operates very quietly and can be used in areas as big as a living room. It comes with automatic shut-off feature. It is portable and has castor wheels for easy movement. It is provided with an option for continuous drain.
  2. Bionaire BDQ25 Quiet Tech Dehumidifier:  This model has a non-ozone harmful refrigerant. It has a daily output of 40 pints. It operates quietly. It is best used for a room area of 2,500 square feet. It is equipped with a digital LED that shows the humidity level. It is pivoting with a carry handle for the device’s portability. In addition, it has ball casters. Its reservoir can hold up to a maximum of 2.7 gallons. It has automatic shut-off system.
  3. Bionare BDQ25-UC Dehumidifier:  The unit covers an area of 2,500 square feet. So – it is useful for spacious rooms and      medium-sized offices. It has the capability to discharge 40 pints of moisture a day. Its refrigerant is guaranteed not harmful to the ozone. It is equipped with auto shut-off facility. The tank capacity of this dehumidifier is 21.6 pints and has a continuous drain. It comes with ball casters for its mobility.

Every Bionaire dehumidifier comes with a 2 year warranty. You will find their products environment friendly. This is the outcome of the researches of Bionaire technologist – the best consumer product for their patronizing customers.