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Is Cheap Dehumidifier A Wise Choice?- Don’t Compromise Quality For Cost!


A dehumidifier is as important as an air conditioner or heater. All of these are useful in offices and houses. But for residential buildings where space is not really big, residents search for a cheap dehumidifier. But what will determine your choice – is it the price tag alone? Would there be no consideration for quality? Is a cheap dehumidifier inferior in performance? These are some questions you might want to ponder on.

Why do you want to buy a dehumidifier?

First, it is said that a dehumidifier controls the wetness of your room or place.  Mildews and molds thrive on wet places. These are allergens that may be harmful to your health, especially to children. Both dehumidifier and air conditioner function to control the humidity or hotness of a place. So you might wonder why you still need a dehumidifier when you already have an air-conditioner. There is a great difference – the dehumidifier controls the dampness without cooling effects which the main idea behind an air-conditioner. A dehumidifier can be used in any given season. Whereas the cooling effect of air conditioner will discourage you to use it during cold season.

So why are you looking for the cheaper kind of dehumidifier?

You only have a need for it for a short period of time in a year. Your house has proper ventilation and humidity does not go very high. Your need for dehumidifier is not very extensive so you are not going to spend so much money for this appliance. Or – your budget is constrained and you could not afford one with a high price tag.

Tips in finding cheap good quality dehumidifier

Since you are looking for a cheap dehumidifier, you can begin your search from the internet. Many on-line specialty stores can give you an idea on the price of different kinds of dehumidifiers. Or – you can visit a specialty store in your vicinity to find cheap but good quality dehumidifier. Both ways of finding a dehumidifier are informative. From the net, you can join forums – read and inquire from experiences of forum participants. If you go to a site store, you can discuss the pros and cons of the cheap dehumidifier with the sales consultant. There really is no way to err in the decision. However, there is a disadvantage on talking with a sales person. His commodity is always good and you might be misled.

If you are not really in dire need for a dehumidifier – that is the use is still in anticipating  future room dampness, you can wait for bargained prices. Example – when winter is coming, the stores would want to dispose of their air conditioners and dehumidifiers. So, it is time to buy a cheap but good quality dehumidifier.

Know the size of the room that needs a dehumidifier. If your room is small, then you would not want a heavy duty unit, which definitely cost more. Or – buy a portable cheap dehumidifier which can be transported from room to room (the unit should be installed with ball wheels).

A cheap dehumidifier is not really inferior in quality. You can buy one good branded dehumidifier during the “sale season”. In this way you are not compromising price for quality. You are hitting 2 birds with one stone!