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Dehumidifier – The Amazing Partner of Every Home

What is a dehumidifer? It is a household appliance that is needed in your home just as you need television, refrigeration, air-conditioner or heater. It is a necessity to preserve your health and your home. It is coined from the word humidity – an antidote to the problem of wetness or moistness. The normal temperature of the inside of the house is 68 degrees Fahrenheit and the ideal humidity therein is about 50 percent. If the amount of ideal humidity is not possible, then it is time for you to install a dehumidifer. Your space should be kept dry.

There are many types of dehumidifier ranging from the most simple to the most complicated.

  1. Mechanical or refrigerative dehumidifiers -These are the most common type and they function by absorbing moist air with the use of refrigerated coil.
  2. Dessicant dehumidifiers – These entail the use of silica gel to provide a dry space. The silica gels, also called dessicants absorb the moisture thus making the surrounding dry. If you are not familiar with this, I will give you an example of a silica gel which is commonly encountered – the small packets inside shoe boxes or a bottles of pills. So you know what silica gel is! The silica gel is available in many home improvement outlets at very minimal cost.
  3. Portable dehumidifiers – From the name itself, you will deduce that this kind of dehumidifier is small in size and light in weight. They usually are made from plastic. They are used in small spaces such as bedroom, or kitchen – where moist tends to occur. Many types come in plastic form. When you go to home improvement stores, you find them along the aisles.
  4. Restoration dehumidifiers – This type of dehumidifiers is durable and heavy-duty. As the name implies, they are used to restore water damages brought about by natural disasters like hurricanes and tsunamis.
  5. Crawl-space dehumidifiers – This type is specially designed to fit into small storage places.
  6. Powerful dehumidifiers – This is a type of dehumidifier used in places with high humidity like spas and indoor swimming pools.
  7.  Whole-house dehumidifiers – they are the largest type that are used to correct a home’s heating, air conditioning and ventilation.

Reasons for your purchase of a dehumidifier

You need dehumidifiers because this indispensable appliance can help you prevent illnesses and allergies. Growth of fungus, mites or molds (top allergens) is stopped. Dehumidifier can help your breathing system when it is clogged by bad bout of colds. Insects which thrive on moist surfaces can be eliminated making your home clean and sanitary. Excess humidity can also result to rotting of wood cabinets and panels of your home.

You are now aware of the useful advantages of having a dehumidifier in your abode.  While the negative effects of extreme humidity have not yet invaded your homes, do the needful – buy a dehumidifier.. The cost you will incur is worth the prevention you will enjoy!