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High Quality At Affordable Price Prem-I-Air Dehumidifier – Get Your Money’s Worth

Prem-I-Air is a known brand of appliance. The company –Premiair Appliance Ltd., based in the United Kingdom was originally for the manufacture of air conditioning units. With undisputable business success and owners’ enterprising acumen, it expanded and manufactured other appliances like dehumidifier, humidifier, air conditioners, fans and air cleaners. Prem-I-Air is currently one of the leaders in the air treatment industry. It is a leading manufacturer of dehumidifier and the appliance brand is a pride of many trade stores and DIY shops – in UK, European countries and even all over the world. Prem-I-Air is a brand to reckon with.

One of the best products of the company is dehumidifier. They have all kinds of model. The quality and price are highly competitive. Here are some models for home use.

  1. EP1608E – 650ml Dehumidifier – This model has a daily moisture extraction capacity of 650ml. It is compact and portable. It is the ideal unit for small personal spaces. The unit’s water tack capacity is 2.2L. The package includes a 12V adapter. 
  2. DS1 – Dessicant Dehumidifier – This unit is a dessicant dehumidifier (uses silicon gel) with 10 liters capacity. The volume of the tank is 3.5 L. It has a control that is electronically programmable making it automatic in nature. It has a drain that is permanently attachable. 
  3. PGD 10 – Compressor Dehumidifier – The capacity of its water tank is 2.42L. Its humidity control is variable. It has automatic function to shut off when the water tank is already full. It is endowed with nylon filter that is washable and easy to maintain. 
  4. PMDN-12DMN3 – Compact N-Series Dehumidifier – This is the Prem-I-Air compact and portable model. It can extract 12 liters of moisture in one day. Although very compact, it can cover an area of 17 square meters for its dehumidifying function. An added feature is a tank indicator – lights up when already full. It comes with a HEPA filter that can remove 99.97% particles. 
  5. RMDH-09 – Rechargeable Dehumidifier – The size of this dehumidifier is very small, the ideal kind to be placed in drawers, cupboards, wardrobes, book shelves, bathrooms and storage boxes. The main function is for the absorption of moistness in small areas. It is rechargeable and does not need batteries and electric power to operate. An indicator is built in; lights up to warn the recharging need. The recharging can last for 1-2 months. It does not spill the water. The material from which it is made is silica gel. 
  6. PMD 1608 – Mini Dehumidifier – The model is thermo-electric and does not have a compressor. It is very user-friendly as it is endowed with automatic feature – it switches off in case the tank is filled. It is compact, portable and light. The tank has a 2 L capacity with a DC12 adaptor for power supply. 
  7. EF888- Mini Dehumidifier – It can expel 600 ml of moisture in a day and the tank switches off automatically for tank’s full water content. It is also thermo-electric so it goes without a compressor. It runs quietly with a water tank capacity of 2 liters. This is also for use in small spaces like wardrobes, cupboards, storage boxes. 
  8. PD20DEN – 20 Liter Dehumidifier – This model has electronic control and can dispense 20L of water daily. The tank is of 3L capacity. It has a water level indicator and the tack shuts off automatically when full.  It possesses an automatic restart feature and an option for continuous draining. It has HEPA filters. 
  9. PRDZ80U – 8 Liter Dessicant Dehumidifier – This also has no compressor and uses dessicant technology. Its water tank has a maximum capacity of 2.6 liters. Built with ionizer, it has 3 mode setting. It is very portable, light and with a carry on handle and 8 hour time

Prem-I-Air also manufactures bigger capacity dehumidifiers. Available industrial dehumidifiers are the following models : ED28, ED36-UF and UCD4UKC.

So if you really are looking for quality dehumidifiers, you do not have to look around so much. Prem-I-Air is the brand for you.